FLVZDF Type - Quick Disconnect Terminal

Description: Female, Fully vinyl-insulated with copper sleeve, funnel-entry
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  • Funnel entry

Quick, smooth wire insertion for high speed crimping.

  • Anti vibration sleeve

The terminal barrel is first covered with a copper sleeve and then insulated with vinyl, it is extremely resistant to vibration.

  • High grade brass with excellent electrical characteristics

High grade brass is used for JST's standard terminals. This material has high electroconductivity and inherent toughness. It also exhibits excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics.

  • Insulation

Vinyl insulation with excellent flame resistance and insulation properties.

Some important features of JST insulated terminals are their excellent resistance to heat, cold, oil, and fire, and their exceptional insulating performance.

  • Temperature

Temperature rating of 75oC.

  • Standards

UL Listed E70188

CSA Certified LR20812

  • RoHS Compliant