Description: 1.5mm Pitch Disconnectable IDC
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The twin U-slots (IDC slots), the 3-point insulation grip, and the distortion resistant disconnectable construction ensure a reliable connection even during severe environmental conditions.






  • Compact

Only 5.5mm (.217") high and 3.5mm (.138") thick.

  • Twin U-slot insulation displacement section

The insulation displacement section connected to each wire consists of two tin-plated slots (twin U-slots), which ensures reliable connecton.

  • 3-point grip construction

The 3-point insulation grip feature and the strain relief ensure a grip on terminated wires and protection of the insulation displacement connection from possible damage.

  • Distortion resistant construction

The header is fully shrouded and thus protects the receptacle from damage that could be caused by mating the connectors at an angle or otherwise mismating the connectors.

  • Compatible with the ZH crimp style connector

The same shrouded header can be used for either the ZR IDC type connector or the ZH crimp style connector. This allows both types of connector to be used interchangeably without replacing the header.

  •  Standards

UL Recognized E60389

CSA Certified LR20812

TUV Certified R9351092 

  • RoHS Compliant