7mm Pitch Disconnectable Crimp Style (Wire to Wire)

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Water-proof wire-to-wire connector for electric power supply.







  • Low insertion force contact
The low insertion force contacts reduce surface finish wear and reduce the effects of stress relaxation.
  • Housing lance
The resilient plastic housing lances secure the contacts in the housings. Since the lances are in the housings rather than on the contacts, they are not affected by handing, and allow the contacts to be lightly inserted without undue force. This establishes a feeling of uniform insertion and a noticeable change in that feeling when insertion is completed.
  • Inter-housing lock
This inter-housing lock secures the plug to the receptacle and prevents accidental disconnection. The lock is protected and is not affected by extemal forces that might result from the routing of wires.
  • Slider locking mechanism
After the contact has been mounted into the housing and the slider has been locked, the wire is then sealed, preventing water ingress.
  • Interchangeability

The same contact is used for the SL and HL series connectors.

  • RoHS Compliant