Description: 0.5mm Pitch ZIF Connector for FPC
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With a height of just 0.9mm and depth of 3.4mm, this 0.5mm pitch FPC connector is extremely low profile, and makes it an ideal connector for use in small and restricted environments.

Featuring a ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) mechanism, and using heat resistant material, this connector is also easy to use and more than suitable for the high re-flow temperatures associated with lead free soldering.





  • Space saving design

This space-saving housing realizes 3.4mm (.134") in depth.

  • Heat resistant design for surface mounting application

The housing is made of heat resistant resin to allow reflow soldering.

  • Embossed tape for automatic mounting

Supplied in embossed tape packaging for automatic surface mounting operation.

  • Standards

UL Recognized E60389

  • RoHS Compliant